Why Elon Musk Couldn’t Save Free Speech

Annotated Bibliography

In writing my videos, I draw on a plethora of sources including books, academic journals and journalistic writing such as newspaper and magazine articles.

Rather than simply dump a list of article titles and links (and in an attempt to make the below bibliography as useful as possible to those interested in reading further), I’ve arranged the resources referenced in the script to this video into themed sections.

Furthermore, I have highlighted a handful of the resources below in bold.

In most instances, this indicates that they are relatively engaging and accessible to those with limited pre-existing knowledge of the topic they discuss. This does not mean that other sources are not well written(!) or that the highlighted resources are not in-depth, it’s simply a subjective indication of the books/papers/articles that I thought you were most likely to find helpful at one moment in time!

Exceptions to this are instances where I mentioned a source numerous times or engaged with it for an extended amount of time during the video, in which case I have also highlighted that source.

The Elon Musk Twitter Acquisition Saga

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