What The Theory?

Cultural Hegemony: WTF?

In this, the third episode of my What the Theory? series on my YouTube channel, I take a look at the concept of Cultural Hegemony as developed by the Italian neomarxist Antono Gramsci in his Prison Notebooks.


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(Cultural Hegemony: WTF? | https://youtu.be/-LI_2-qsovo)

Megamusicals and McTheatre: WTF?

I’ve been working on this little series in which I do short introductions to some theories and concepts around theatre studies. As someone who loves the ephemerality of fringe theatre, musicals-with their tightly scored choreography repeated across the globe-have always been interested me. But that doesn’t stop me finding Hamilton, Les Mis or Billy Eliot super catchy. This week, I took a deep dive into megamusicals.

(Megamusicals and McTheatre: WTF? | https://youtu.be/P509IDItTb0)