UCU Strike 2018 | PhD Vlog

A slight break from the usual programming on my YouTube channel as I take the time to talk through the current strike action by UCU over the forced changes to the terms of the USS pension scheme, explain why I’m supporting my senior colleagues in their fight against this non-sensical decision and suggest how students can support the strikes.

Keep up to date with what’s going on with these strikes and show your support on Twitter by searching for #USSstrikes

PhD Vlog: What is a PhD Anyway?

After explaining a few times to family members and friends what exactly I’m getting up to with my life at the moment, I was keen to put together a short vlog which explained what a PhD (both as product and process) is for the uninitiated.

(What is a PhD Anyway? What does PhD Student life look like? | https://youtu.be/CpqFgR86plk)

PhD Vlog: NPO 2018-2022 in Context

The focus of Arts Council England’s National Portfolio Organisation announcement for 2018-2022 was geography. Particularly, how was ACE to balance the huge funding disparity between London and the regions?

I was keen to do a bit of a deep dive on this, particularly looking at a bit of context surrounding the Arts Council and the London/Regions dichotomy.

(NPO 2017 in Context: Arts Council England rebalances its cultural capital | https://youtu.be/nNIv5xgixl4)

Play Analysis: Henrik Ibsen

The third video in my Playwriting Tips series in which I analyse the work of some of the world’s greatest playwrights. This week, I’m looking at the work of Henrik Ibsen, specifically his most famous works A Doll’s House and An Enemy of the People.

(Playwriting Tips: Henrik Ibsen | Political Theatre in An Enemy of the People and A Doll’s House | https://youtu.be/9PrCS7ha8jM)

Vlog #6 Theatre Criticism: Reviews, Analyses and Quality

This week, I wanted to spend a bit of time talking about reviews, analyses and quality. Partly, this is an attempt to further outline what I’m attempting to (and not to do) with my YouTube channel.

But, also, with the cutting of Lyn Gardner’s Guardian blog, theatre criticism is going through something of an interesting, transitory stage at the moment.

Finally, the introduction of Arts Council England’s new Quality Metrics has caused some discussion as to how we measure quality in art.

(Theatre Criticism: Reviews, Analyses and Quality | https://youtu.be/rV08Jr3Rfg4)