UCU Strike 2018 | PhD Vlog

A slight break from the usual programming on my YouTube channel as I take the time to talk through the current strike action by UCU over the forced changes to the terms of the USS pension scheme, explain why I’m supporting my senior colleagues in their fight against this non-sensical decision and suggest how students can support the strikes.

Keep up to date with what’s going on with these strikes and show your support on Twitter by searching for #USSstrikes

How to find more citations and references for your essay bibliography | Essay Tips

Following some conversations I’ve been having with students recently, I decided to make a video providing some tips for how to expand upon the number of citations and references for an essay. Often, compiling a bibliography can be viewed as a hoop to be jumped through, however, here I hope to encourage students to view it slightly differently, as a tool for ensuring essays are well-evidenced and, thus, more convincing in their arguments.