Theatre Practice MA

An Education

So a couple of weeks ago (while locked away in a room Hugh McCann and Ed Rapley working on Ensuite) I heard back from Exeter University that my application to undertake their Theatre Practice MA in September had been successful.

I’ve always had a conflicted relationship with education; I realised soon into my FdA that Audio and Music Production wasn’t really for me and spent most of my spare time (and maybe the odd day or two when I should have been in lectures) escaping to rehearsal rooms and back rooms of theatres to get stuck in to making work for the stage.

This feels a little different though. Some months ago I sat in front of the third-year students on the Theatre and Performance course at Plymouth University chatting about the local theatre scene as a ‘visiting academic’ and joked about being a bit of a fraud as they’d already got further than I ever did. Although maybe I’ve got a bit of a knack for making stuff happen, I’d never taken the time they had to step back and explore my practice and see what theatre I wanted to make.

This seed of intrigue into going back to academia continued to grow and eventually it began to seem like a logical next step. I’ve never really been held back by my lack of a degree and its not the piece of paper that interests me too much (although it’ll almost definately make me feel like a right boss) but I’m really looking forward to having protected time in which I’m allowed to really interogate my artistic practice without having to think logistically or commercially as I might when working on something for production.

I’m really honoured to have been accepted onto the course and am slightly masochistically looking forward to pouring over academic texts and writing essays.