Some things that I thought (most often about theatre but also video games, comic books and politics).

Cultural Hegemony: WTF?

In this, the third episode of my What the Theory? series on my YouTube channel, I take a

The Plays of Tony Kushner: Angels in America as Epic Theatre

Having watched both parts of Tony Kushner’s magnificent Angels in America as part of the National Theatre’s live

Megamusicals and McTheatre: WTF?

I’ve been working on this little series in which I do short introductions to some theories and concepts

PhD Vlog: What is a PhD Anyway?

After explaining a few times to family members and friends what exactly I’m getting up to with my

PhD Vlog: NPO 2018-2022 in Context

The focus of Arts Council England’s National Portfolio Organisation announcement for 2018-2022 was geography. Particularly, how was ACE

Performance Analysis: All We Ever Wanted Was Everything by Luke Barnes and Middle Child

I undertook an eight hour trip to Hull to catch some shows as part of the city’s tenure as

Performance Analysis: The Encounter by Simon McBurney and Complicité

A performance analysis of Simon McBurney and Complicité’s The Encounter which I caught in 2014 as part of

Performance Analysis: The Hypocrite by Richard Bean

This week I headed up to Stratford-upon-Avon to catch the Royal Shakespeare Company, Hull Truck and Hull City

Play Analysis: Sarah Kane

My last playwriting tips video for a little while (don’t worry, there’ll be some performance analyses in their

Play Analysis: Henrik Ibsen

The third video in my Playwriting Tips series in which I analyse the work of some of the