Robert Icke’s Hamlet: Staging Shakespeare for a Modern Audience

After watching Robert Icke’s Hamlet when broadcast on BBC Two the other day, I was keen to add

UCU Strike 2018 | PhD Vlog

A slight break from the usual programming on my YouTube channel as I take the time to talk

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Phenomenology: WTF? A beginner’s guide to time and phenomenology

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Cultural Hegemony: WTF?

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The Plays of Tony Kushner: Angels in America as Epic Theatre

Having watched both parts of Tony Kushner’s magnificent Angels in America as part of the National Theatre’s live

Megamusicals and McTheatre: WTF?

I’ve been working on this little series in which I do short introductions to some theories and concepts

PhD Vlog: What is a PhD Anyway?

After explaining a few times to family members and friends what exactly I’m getting up to with my