Play Analysis: Arthur Miller

Usually, at this point in the week, I report back on a piece of theatre that I’ve seen over on my YouTube Channel. Though I saw a couple of things last week, neither I felt particularly compelled to make a video about. Also, I’ve been on something of a role with my thesis writing over the past few days and so was keen to crack on with that.

So, I’ve done something slightly different this week and uploaded a video I made a little while ago but never put online. It’s an analysis of some of Arthur Miller’s work including Death of a Salesman and All My Sons which looks at how he uses past and present to dramatic effect. This, of course, being an inheritance from Ibsen who was a huge influence on Miller.

I may do some more videos of this type on weeks where I don’t necessarily see so much theatre as I think it’s interesting to see what I (and, hopefully, other playwrights) might be able to learn from analysing the work of some of the greatest playwrights.

Let me know if you enjoy it and I’ll think about doing some more of these.

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