To celebrate the centenary of the Cygnet Theatre, I was commissioned to write a research-based immersive show for the Cygnet Training Company and a group of community actors. TRINITY was performed as part of the Exetreme Imagination Festival 2014.

In September 1913 the construction of a Parish Hall and Sunday Schools for Holy Trinity Church began in Friars Gate. A century on, the Church is deconsecrated and has become the White Ensign Club and the Hall has become a theatre.

But what dramas filled the building in the years between?

Tom Nicholas’ new play summons up the spirits whose stories fill the building and invites the audience to explore the spaces as the past comes out of the woodwork to meet them.

Based on research, conversation and historical events and infused with theatrical magic, TRINITY explores the building through the eyes of the people who have worked and played here. In particular, the young people at formative times in their lives, whose experiences in the building spin a continuous thread in its history

Dedicated just under a year before the start of the Great War 1914-18, Trinity Hall withstood the German bombing of the second World War, and has been the venue for many other conflicts, on the small, human scale, from teenage lovers, to the warring Mods and Rockers, and the fictional conflicts of dramatists from the ancient Greek tragedians through Shakespeare and modern playwrights.