Parliament Town

I was inspired to develop my piece from Come To Where I’m From into a full length show which dealt with the wrangling many of us experience with our hometowns.  Expertly performed by Liam Salmon, Parliament Town premiered at the Ignite Festival in Exeter before headlining New Model Theatre’s Outpost season.

Hometowns have a habit of holding us hostage.  By Civil War siege or economic downturn, two young men search for the soul of their provincial city.

“I’ve been playing a lot of Assassins’ Creed lately.  There’s this Animus thing in it, and when you lie in it you see inside the head of one of your ancestors.  I don’t think he’s an ancestor.  To be honest, I doubt he’s even real.”

They knocked down the hospital years ago, yet Ollie still occasionally makes a nighttime pilgrimage to the place where he was born.  Or where he thinks he was born.  And that’s where he sees him.

He’s a soldier.  Sort of.  He’s holding a gun anyway.  350 years apart, both find shadows of each others lives cast over their own in a city they always assumed they’d leave.

Originally commissioned by Paines Plough and Theatre Royal Plymouth as part of Come To Where I’m From, Parliament Town is what would happen if Bruce Springsteen wrote an album about Plymouth.