Writing for the stage is at the heart of my theatre practice. Since 2013, I have written 10 plays which have been produced ranging from intimate monologues through adaptations of classic plays to large-cast community[…]

Theatre Directing

I have been directing for the stage since 2012 when, having worked as Assistant Director on a number of professional productions, I directed my debut play April, a piece of New Writing by Emily Holyoake.[…]

PhD Research

I’m currently completing a PhD in the Department of Drama at the University of Exeter, funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Association. My research focuses on representations of regional English cities in contemporary theatre[…]

YouTube Education

In 2017, I launched a YouTube channel and began creating a series of videos focussed variously on sharing reflections on my PhD process, supporting the development of research skills and introducing viewers to key concepts[…]

Teaching and Workshop Facilitation

I have an unwavering belief in the value of life-long learning and education has and always will be a central part of what I do. A snapshot of my educational experience can be found below.[…]